Toll Road Extension Through San Clemente, CA Shot Down, Maybe Forever

State officials seek to delete the proposed SR-241 Toll Road Extension through the City of San Clemente from future expansion plans…

Have an expired or lost Kentucky driver’s license? You can apply for one through the mail

Kentuckians who have been unable to renew or replace a driver’s license in recent weeks during the coronavirus pandemic will now be able to get one remotely, Gov. Andy Beshear announced Friday..

New Indiana law bans cellphone use while driving

On July 1, House Bill 1070 will go into effect, banning motorists from holding or using a cellphone while driving unless they are calling 911, operating the cellphone through voice technology such as Bluetooth or have the phone secured in a cradle. Motorists caught violating the law will face a Class C infraction with up to $500 in fines…

Los Angeles Metro releases draft Long Range Transportation Plan for public review

The Metro Board of Directors on Thursday authorized the release of the updated draft 2020 Long Range Transportation Plan, a $400-billion, 30-year transportation blueprint for our region. There will now be a 45-day public review period to gather additional comments from the public on the plan through July 13, 2020. The plan lays out a future vision and roadmap for bringing about a more mobile, sustainable and vibrant future for Los Angeles County. Through extensive public outreach over the past 18 months that included 77 community meetings, 28 public workshop meetings and 20,000 survey responses from the public, Metro has distilled the region’s desires into four goals: Better Transit, Less Congestion, Complete Streets and Access to Opportunity. The draft 2020 Long Range Transportation Plan (2020 LRTP) outlines what Metro is doing currently and what Metro must do for Los Angeles County over the next 30 years. Current challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, will present opportunities for Metro to take bold action and help achieve mobility improvements for the region.

Six Reasons Auto Sales Didn’t Surge

The hope was that sales would be higher with the lifting of state-at-home orders in many states.