Pennsylvania Legislators Push Back on Interstate Toll Bridges

Some Pennsylvania lawmakers are saying they aren’t happy with the idea of charging tolls on nine major bridges, including one on Interstate 81 in Susquehanna County over the Susquehanna River. But Legislators actually voted to allow for tolling years ago.

Plan to toll bridges in Pennsylvania faces pushback, especially from Truckers

Tolling the bridge would be a reliable way of funding a project and paying for continued maintenance through what essentially is a user fee.

Clarion, PA Local lawmakers stand against I-80 bridge tolling

As part of the program, the bridges would be rebuilt and paid for by tolling. Specifically, one is located over Canoe Creek in Beaver Township and the …

The Most Expensive Toll Roads and Bridges in America

Around three dozen states have at least one road, bridge or tunnel that drivers have to pay for the privilege of using, according to the most recent report from the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA). Americans take nearly 6 billion trips on the country’s 5,881 miles of tolled roads and crossings every year. Around 50 million of them never have to stop at a tollbooth thanks to the electronic toll transponders in their cars.

Can You Name the World’s Most Expensive Toll Road?

Can you name the most costly toll road in the world? Odds are you’ll be surprised by the answer.