Honda recalls 608,000 vehicles over failures of backup camera, instruments

Odysseys, Passports, Pilots could lose crucial displays.

New Jersey Senate bill would make camera enforcement ‘impossible’ (NMA Mention)

The Senate Transportation Committee voted unanimously to advance a bill titled the “Camera Enforcement Inoculation Act.” The bill would prohibit the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission from providing identifying information for New Jersey-licensed drivers to camera enforcement entities in other states. Democratic and Republican bill sponsors say that the rule would make it “impossible” to issue tickets for automated enforcement infractions to New Jersey drivers. Steve Carrellas, director of government affairs for the New Jersey chapter of the National Motorists Association, spoke to the committee on his concerns about automated enforcement systems.

Clackamas County, OR asking state for alternative to tolling I-205

Clackamas County commissioners are asking Oregon legislators and Gov. Kate Brown to find funding sources other than tolling to complete the proposed widening of Interstate 205 between Lake Oswego’s Stafford Road and Highway 213 in Oregon City. County Chair Jim Bernard said he had a conversation with Oregon Department of Transportation Director Kris Strickler this week in which Bernard suggested the I-205 project could use some of the funds that are currently held up, as major decisions over the Rose Quarter I-5 widening project remain up in the air.

License plate readers to be installed at Daytona Beach, Florida airport

License plate reader camera systems will be installed at Daytona Beach International Airport after the Volusia County Council approved purchasing …

License Plate Reader Installed Near Big Sky, What’s the Law in Montana?

Zolnikov tells me license plate readers are legal in Montana but are very restricted. He says the data has to be deleted, it can’t be shared without specific plate requests, and it can only be used for certain crimes. The plates also have to be verified before a person can be pulled over. The Belgrade News has a good writeup on the story as well. They spoke with Task Missouri River Drug Task Force Commander and Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office Captain Ryan Stratman, who says that surrounding states have seen a lot of benefits after putting license plate readers to use catching sexual predators, locating missing children, and identifying drug traffickers.