GM Says It Will Review Safety of Panoramic Sunroofs

General Motors says it has voluntarily begun an internal review of panoramic sunroofs in its vehicles following a Consumer Reports investigation that detailed how hundreds of sunroofs nationwide and across the auto industry have shattered without warning.

As US Highway Deaths Rise, Kentucky Reports a Decline

The Bluegrass State is a bright spot, with fewer of its residents dying on roadways in 2017 than the year before, the first drop in four years.

Tesla owner attempts Autopilot defense during DUI stop

Driving drunk is still illegal, even with a driver-assistance system active.

Designers of Autonomous Vehicle Electronics Need to Change Their Test Strategies

The process of build, test, and then fix-for-compliance won’t work in the era of autonomous cars, expert says.

Continental Doubles Down On Driverless Cars

German automotive supplier Continental does more than make tires. The world’s fourth-largest tire manufacturer is also shifting to the forefront of the transition to electric and autonomous vehicles. It’s developing the 48-volt electrical system powering Audi’s latest A8 sedan, exploring driverless robo-taxi concepts, and piloting later this year an Intelligent Intersection in Columbus, Ohio, as part of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge.