State of California plans new 4-lane expressway for Route 25 in San Benito and Santa Clara County

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), in cooperation with the Council of San Benito County Governments and the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, revealed in detailed maps  this month they are proposing the eventual replacement of 11.2 miles of the existing State Route 25 two-lane highway with a four-lane expressway in San Benito and Santa Clara counties.

Police union protests Rochester, NY City Council plan for police accountability board

The Rochester Police Locust Club staged a large rally Tuesday on the steps of city hall.  The union is speaking out against the City Council’s plan for a police accountability board. Locust Club President Mike Mazzeo says the legislation is not in the best interest of public safety in Rochester. Under the legislation, the Police Accountability Board would not only have the authority to investigate complaints against police officers, but it would also have the power to discipline them. The union says that additional oversight violates state civil service law and the police union’s labor contract with the city.

Sante Fe, NM Editorial: Slow down: Speed vans aren’t the solution

Watch out! Soon, the vehicle by the road, there to catch speeders on candid camera, could be returning to Santa Fe. It makes us safer, say supporters. If you’re not speeding, you don’t have anything to worry about. Vehicle crashes are up since the last time the speed vans with cameras were used from 2009-13, so putting them back along roadsides is the right thing to do. And so on. We have not been big fans of the Santa Fe Traffic Operations Program, or STOP, for a number of reasons. Using speed cameras to photograph drivers whizzing by generally results in a process that does not allow the accused to present a defense. Radar catches a truck or car speeding, the license plate is photographed and, eventually, a ticket shows up in the mail. It doesn’t matter if the teenager took the car that day or if the camera grabbed the wrong license plate. The photograph declares that the accused is guilty.

UK: The ‘yellow vulture’ speed camera which can catch you smoking or eating at the wheel

A new LED style camera – which has the ability to zoom into people’s cars, catching them on their phone or eating at the wheel – is set to arrive. They are described as “yellow vulture” like and have LED infrared equipment – and are distinctive in the way they look. But this also means they look nothing like the generic ones you’re used to seeing at the roadside. They face oncoming traffic and some motorists may not realize they are cameras at all.   In addition to speeding, the equipment can catch drivers who aren’t wearing a seatbelt or are using their phone, eating, drinking or smoking when they’re meant to be concentrating on the road, Devon Live reports.

Perrysburg Township near Toledo, OH now has speed cameras (dragon cams)

If you’re driving through Perrysburg Township you may notice officers using speed cameras. Good news is you don’t have to pay fines yet. “There’s a 30-day warning period that warns to the public that are utilizing these roadways that hey were out there we are utilizing them this is a warning phase” said Lt. Dave Nixon of the Perrysburg Township Police Department. Perrysburg Township officers trained on the speed cameras alongside members of the Toledo police department that has been using the cameras for a number of years. Even though it is only a grace period, the Perrysburg Township Police Department has clocked people going over 90 miles per hour.