PA Member Letter to the Editor: A plea to vote against speed trap bill

Tell your Representative to vote NO on Speed Trap Bill SB 607.

Politicians and bureaucrats create the problem of “ speeding” by posting limits too low, below the safest speeds that 85% of drivers travel. Then they present a “solution:” Aggressive enforcement of the too-low limits.

Predatory RADAR enforcement, Speed Trap Bill SB 607, is the politician’s and bureaucrat’s “solution” to the “speeding” problem they created. They plan to cash in big time by giving radar to municipal police.

For years the state police resisted giving radar to municipal police because they felt that radar would be used to raise lots of money. The politicians and bureaucrats now want to give the state police some of the new money from the blizzard of tickets, and Bingo! they no longer oppose giving radar to municipal police. Imagine that.