PA Advocate Letter-to-the-Editor: Work-zone speed cameras don’t work

Work-zone speed cameras are part of an enforcement-for-profit scheme adopted by the Pennsylvania Legislature to furnish a reliable, constant stream of driver’s money into special interests’ and government coffers. The only “studies” showing that speed camera enforcement adds to safety are paid for by camera proponents, who profit from cameras, and their “studies” suffer from improper methodology.

Since 1970 the number of workers killed by passing cars in Pennsylvania has been one every 2.14 years. The majority are killed by accidents within the work zone caused by the workers themselves. This fact never shows up in articles talking about work-zone deaths as if there is wholesale carnage on the streets by maniac drivers flying through work zones. There is no crisis in work zones that requires automated speed enforcement to justify a multi-million dollar program of camera fines to benefit PennDOT and the for-profit ticket camera vendors.