Our view: Yes to 80 mph, but fine-tune North Dakota safety laws

Grand Forks legislator Jake Blum has taken up the effort to raise speed limits on interstate and multi-lane highways in North Dakota. It’s a cause another Grand Forks lawmaker pushed in 2017; we backed it then and still do now, provided the state work on improving other laws related to roadway safety.

Blum, a Republican in the state House, introduced a bill that, if passed, will raise speed limits from 75 to 80 mph on I-29 and I-94 within North Dakota’s borders. Speeds on multi-lane highways would increase 5 mph, from 70 to 75. In 2017, a similar bill was voted down by the Senate, 28-18. Back then, the proposal was sponsored by Sen. Lonnie Laffen, R-Grand Forks, who no longer is in the Legislature.