Orange County, Florida revisits red-light camera law after thousands of rental car violations dismissed

Months after a WESH 2 Investigates report found that foreign tourists were getting a free pass when it comes to red-light violations in Orange County, officials are making policy changes that will make all drivers pay fines.

In July, WESH 2 Investigates revealed Orange County has, from 2011 to May 1, 2019 dismissed nearly 4,100 red-light camera tickets totaling nearly $650,000 for drivers from other countries who run red lights.

Since May 1 through Nov. 1, another 328 tickets have been dismissed amounting to nearly $52,000.

That adds up to nearly $700,000 in fines that weren’t paid and is lost public money that could have benefited the state.

Now Orange County is making changes to not only make intersections “photo enforced” but to try and hold foreign drivers accountable. County officials will be reviewing rental car affidavits that assign blame to its international customers and sending them notices of violations in hopes of collecting fines.