Orange County, California, officials approve $43B transportation plan

The Orange County (California) Transportation Authority Board of Directors this month authorized a $43.4 billion, long-range plan that will shape the area’s transportation “blueprint” for at least the next 20 years. The Designing Tomorrow plan will address an estimated 66% increase in traffic congestion by the year 2040, driven by an anticipated 10% rise in area population, a 17% uptick in the number of local jobs and 12% more daily trips. Using input from the community, the plan prioritizes traffic signal synchronization, road and freeway maintenance, exploration of “innovative” transportation options (i.e., autonomous vehicles and on-demand ridesharing) and a balanced approach to spending, which includes investing across a variety of transit programs. Planned projects include the construction of high-occupancy vehicle lanes, regular lanes, express lanes, interchanges and toll roads.