Opinion: NYC’s privileged bicyclists won’t even discuss best way to stop bike deaths

The death of Devra Freelander, a young cyclist killed by a truck last week, spurred outrage among cyclists and demands for more bike lanes. So how do we prevent such tragedies from happening again?

We know one thing: A million miles of protected lanes wouldn’t have saved Freelander. She was killed at an intersection, having hurtled from the sidewalk through a red light in front of the oncoming truck, which wasn’t speeding and had the right of way.

The two things that might have prevented this horror — training and adherence to rules — are tellingly absent from the protesting cyclists’ list of demands. Not to put too fine a point on it, cyclists are frequently their own worst enemy, and their presence has made everyone less safe.

Of course, automobiles are more dangerous than bikes, but adding cyclists to the mix, many of whom refuse to obey traffic laws, has compounded that ­hazard.