Opinion: Every bus in this country deserves its own lane (War on Cars Watch)

Earlier this month, New York City did something remarkable. The city transformed one of its busiest crosstown routes into a bus-only street and, by all accounts, the world did not end.

It’s being called a miracle, but really, it required no divine intervention: Faced with crushing congestion on 14th Street, the city simply separated its buses from other vehicular traffic. The M14 bus now runs at twice the speed of the M42 bus, which travels a similar distance along Midtown Manhattan’s 42nd Street; it’s so fast that riders are missing their stops. The street is quieter, calmer, and safer, with no adverse affects on other nearby streets.

Improved service that exceeds all expectations? This is everything that public transit in this county must aspire to if we want to reduce emissions, congestion, and traffic deaths. What can deliver all this and more? Dedicated bus lanes.