Opinion: Annual push against red-light cameras has familiar Florida outcome

I don’t like Florida red-light cameras for a lot of reasons, even though I have never gotten a ticket because of this Orwellian eye in the sky.

But lots of other people have received violation notices in the mail, and that strikes me as wrong. If I’m guilty of a motor violation, I want a professional police officer to explain why I’m receiving a ticket. Officers also can use judgment, but cameras only show what they show.

The notion that some guy in front of a computer monitor decides who gets tickets takes automation a step too far. But here we go again. The annual crusade by state Sen. Jeff Brandes to outlaw the cameras throughout Florida has gone down in flames again.

On the one hand, you have to give American Traffic Solutions credit for knowing how to play the game. That’s the company that runs the red-light program. ATS lists 19 lobbyists in Tallahassee. I imagine they were busy.

Shouldn’t that bother people more than it does?