One thousand missions later: Chula Vista, CA Police’s one-year drone program

Since its launch a year ago, the Chula Vista Police Department’s Drone as a First Responder program has surpassed 1,000 uses of drones in support of patrol operations, and is the first in the nation to do so.

“Speaking on behalf of the chief of police and those of us in leadership, we are really proud that CVPD is setting an example to police agencies nationwide in what we view to be a real paradigm shift in how policing will be done in the future,” CVPD Capt.Sallee said.

CVPD currently makes use of four drones and two launch locations — CVPD located at 315 Fourth Ave. and Bayview Behavioral Health Hospital located at 330 Moss St. These locations allow CVPD to cover approximately 33 percent of the geographic area of the city and an area that is responsible for about 70 percent of calls for service, according to CVPD.