One New Hampshire Cop Issued 19 Tickets In Just Four Hours (17 Tickets were due to non-snow removal)

One New Hampshire police officer went on a ticket-writing spree following a snowstorm on Wednesday (February 13) morning. According to WMUR, the unidentified officer stopped 21 vehicles over a four hour period, issuing 19 tickets and taking two people into custody.

17 of the tickets were issued to drivers who failed to clear snow and ice from the top of their vehicles. In 2001, New Hampshire passed Jessica’s Law, which required drivers to remove any snow and ice from their car before hitting the road. The law was named after Jessica Smith, who was killed when a chunk of ice fell off the top of a tractor-trailer and hit another truck, which collided with her car head-on.

Drivers who violate the law are issued a fine of $250 to $500 for their first offense. The fine jumps to between $500 and $1,000 for subsequent offenses.