On the Roads Less Traveled, Speeds Are Up: NHTSA plans survey for 7,000 motorists’ over speeding

So might now be the right time for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to find out if this apparent need for speed is temporary or if motorists’ attitudes toward speeding have changed?

In a Federal Register post in early August, NHTSA announced plans to conduct its fourth “National Survey of Speeding Attitudes and Behaviors.” The first survey was in 1997, and the most recent in 2011. Now the agency is seeking Office of Management and Budget approval to conduct the survey, and public comment on its plan will be accepted through Oct. 2.

NHTSA intends to survey more than 7,000 motorists to examine the extent to which drivers speed, who the speeders are, when and why they speed, and what countermeasures are most acceptable and effective in reducing speeding.