Oklahoma Road Diet Watch: Okmulgee Business Owners Concerned Over Downtown Revitalization Plan

Okmulgee businesses owners are worried a downtown revitalization plan is going to force them to shut down.

They said the plan will get rid of their customers’ parking. The two businesses said the upcoming downtown improvement project will get rid of street parking for customers.

The city said business owners had months to share their thoughts before the plan was approved.

Elizabeth Staudt owns OK Staudt Jewelers between Grand and Morton on 6th Street in Okmulgee. She said she recently found out about a downtown road project the city’s planning to replace a 100-year-old water line and renovate the streets to make them pedestrian-friendly.

“Been in his location for 34 years. We’re a fine jewelry store and the last one left,” said Staudt.

People will no longer be able to park on both sides of the street near her business.

Staudt is worried it’ll stop customers from coming.