Ohio/Pennsylvania: Variable speed limits not an option on I-80 during snow storms

Two multiple vehicle pile-ups earlier this week both happened as blinding snow squalls made their way across the Valley.

As conditions deteriorated, PennDOT officials in Pennsylvania did what they routinely do in severe weather, which is to reduce the speed limit on Interstate 80.

But that was not the case in Ohio.  That’s because it would take legislative action to allow ODOT the flexibility that PennDOT has.

To avoid multiple vehicle accidents, ODOT has been testing variable speed limits in certain trouble spots, such as I-90 in Lake County. After two winters, it is proving to be successful.

“Since we started that we’ve had a 58% decrease in injury crashes and a 63% decrease in secondary crashes. And we’ve not had any massive pile-ups on that corridor of I-90,” Matt Bruning of ODOT said.