Oh Robeline, Louisiana: Why Can’t I Drive Through? Speed Traps Bill HB457

What does it say when a retired sheriff, now legislator, brings a bill to get official state highway signs branding a village in his district as a “Speed Trap”?

That’s what HB 457, authored by Rep. Frank Howard (R-Many) would do for the Natchitoches Parish community of Robeline.

“Robeline is a speed trap,” Rep. Howard told the House Transportation Committee Monday. “Now, I don’t judge whether the tickets they give out are valid or not. I just know they’re really aggressive at giving them out. I constantly get complaints about it from the tourism people in Natchitoches, Sabine, and Vernon parishes.”

“I hear about it, too,” said Rep.Terry Brown (I-Colfax). “We invite people to come and spend money in our state, and this is an embarassment! I was in the airport in Chicago, and a couple, hearing I was from Louisiana, asked me if it was ‘safe’ to travel through Robeline, because they had read about it on the internet.”