NYPD Commander’s Text Messages show how the Ticket Quota System Still Persists

For almost a decade, the NYPD has battled lawsuitswhistleblowers, and press exposés alleging that the department enforces a “quota” system that requires officers to log a certainnumber of arrests and summonses—or face retaliation. Officersthemselves have spoken out against quotas, arguing that the practice encouraged cops to ignore some offenses, while embellishing or making up others.

Since Commissioner James O’Neill took over in 2016, the department has consistently said quotas no longer exist, and promised to punish supervisors found to be enforcing the practice.

But officers across the city say the practice continues in other, more subtle forms. Internal text messages from one Manhattan lieutenant, obtained by The Appeal, offer a window into how NYPD precinct supervisors, and the officers under them, are still being pushed to chase numbers.