NYC War on Cars Watch: Central Park West Bike Lane Lawsuit Thrown Out Of Court

The city was within its legal rights to turn a painted bike lane on Central Park West into a protected one, a Manhattan judge ruled Thursday as she dismissed a condo building’s lawsuit that sought to block a project undertaken after an Australian cyclist was run over and killed last year.

The suit by the Century Condominium had charged that the city’s decision to create a protected bike lane required a formal environmental review because it would cause such significant impact on the neighborhood in the form of traffic and increased pollution as drivers circle for longer amounts of time seeking harder-to-find parking spaces.

But Justice Lynn Kotler disagreed, ruling that since Central Park West already had a painted bike lane, the city’s plan to rejigger the street, and remove 400 curbside spaces for cars, did not require the extended environmental review process since it wouldn’t have any harmful environmental impacts.