NYC: ‘Speed Camera Island’–Tweets highlight Staten Islanders’ hatred of speed cameras

Driving on Staten Island is a constant game of avoidance.

Avoiding traffic. Avoiding potholes. Avoiding deer. Avoid turkeys. And now, avoiding speed cameras.

New speed cameras continue to pop up throughout the borough, as the city rakes in tens of millions of dollars in fines following a massive expansion of the program earlier this summer.

On July 11, the number of school zones permitted to operate speed cameras increased from 140 to 750, with cameras now permitted to operate year-round on weekdays, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., including school and summer vacations.

In the 43-day span from July 11, the day the expansion began, through Aug. 22, the latest date input in the city’s database, the city issued 563,221 total school zone speed camera violations, totaling $28,161,050 in fines.

On Staten Island, 33,648 school zone speed camera violations were issued, totaling $1,682,400 in fines. When parsed down, these numbers represent approximately 782.5 school zone speed camera violations per day on Staten Island.