NYC Road Diet Alert: Activists Demand DOT to Fix Sixth Avenue’s Bike Lanes

There’s a bike lane in their mind that they’d really like to ride.

Two dozen street safety advocates marched up Sixth Avenue on Tuesday morning singing Talking Heads’ 1985 hit “Road To Nowhere” to demand that the Department of Transportation finish the protected bike lane on the avenue so that there is no longer a dangerous gap between 33rd Street and the entrance to car-free Central Park at 59th Street.

The most recent expansion of the Sixth Avenue lane, between 14th and 33rd streets, was finished in October, 2016 — but the remaining gap south of Central Park is “an affront” to anyone trying to bike safely through the area, said Transportation Alternatives’ Deputy Director Ellen McDermott.

Manhattan Community Board 5 has been asking the Department of Transportation to study a redesign of Sixth Avenue since 2013. There’s no apparent community opposition to this vital safety improvement for cyclists, said Janet Liff, a CB2 member and co-founder of the Neighborhood Empowerment Project.