NYC: Greenwich Village Residents Demand Removal of Bike Lanes since L-Train Shutdown is no more: City Council Speaker Corey Johnson Says He’s Willing to Listen

Street safety and transit improvements — derailed?

The paint is barely dry on a pair of buffered Greenwich Village bike lanes and dedicated bus lanes on 14th Street in Manhattan, but a self-styled neighborhood group is demanding that these “disruptive changes” be undone because they are supposedly no longer needed if the L train will no longer be shut down starting in April.

And Council Speaker Corey Johnson — a strong bike- and bus-lane supporter — says he’s committed to hearing out the so-called 14th Street Coalition, which argues that Greenwich Village residents are “guinea pigs” to the city’s “radical” street safety plans “that have been pushed by various groups for years.”

The group issued four demands on Tuesday — days after Gov. Cuomo effectively turned a 15-month full L-train shutdown between Manhattan and Brooklyn into a night-and-weekend inconvenience.