NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Statistical Argument for Congestion Pricing is Being Called into Question

Under the governor’s plan, motorists would be charged a fee to drive into Manhattan below 61st Street. While making the push, the governor claimed most of the cost would be borne by out-of-state drivers, not New Yorkers from the four boroughs outside Manhattan.

“Only a fraction of New Yorkers commute by car into Manhattan. If you look at the percentage of the people from Brooklyn who commute in, it’s 1.3 percent. Queens 2.2, Bronx 1.9, Staten Island 2.3,” Cuomo said.

But when we asked the governor’s office to verify those statistics, we were told they came from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The Census Bureau can break down what percentage of people in each borough drive to work, but not where they are going.

Julie Iriondo, a public information officer from the U.S. Census Bureau told us, “We don’t do flows. We can show how many people drive, but we can’t break down destination.”