NY Editorial: Don’t back Governor Cuomo’s flawed congestion pricing plan

Mayor de Blasio hinted Monday that he might back Gov. Cuomo’s congestion pricing scheme if it included certain exceptions. Yet no amount of tweaking can save a plan that would rob the city yet again.

Cuomo wants to charge motorists for driving below 60th Street in Manhattan, possibly as much as $11 for cars and $25 for trucks — raising $1 billion a year for the cash-strapped, problem-prone MTA.

Without that dough, he threatens, fares will have to rise as much as 30 percent, skyrocketing the cost of a subway ride from $2.75 to more than $3.50.

Yet, ludicrously, he warns that he himself won’t support the fee unless the Legislature also gives him complete control of the MTA. Boost my power, in other words, or I’ll sock you with painful fare hikes — instead of painful congestion-pricing charges.

What kind of ultimatum is that?