North Texas: How Are Fluctuating Highway Tolls Determined? Here’s an Answer

Driving in North Texas often means paying for it. Toll roads are a fixture here. Some tolls fluctuate, based on how heavy traffic is. Recent complaints over spikes in toll prices on some TEXpress lanes have prompted those who oversee managed toll roads to take a look at why it’s happening.

For three major toll roads in North Texas, a building just off the LBJ in North Dallas serves as traffic central. Inside, crews monitor a room full of screens which show images captured by 200 cameras, with the ability to send messages to message boards along all TEXpress lanes telling drivers about accidents and road hazards.

“We’re looking for anything that impacts the roadway that can affect people’s commute,” said Chelsi Garcia, a supervisor at the LBJ Express and North Tarrant Express Traffic Management Center.