North Dakota: Speed Limit Bill (HB1264) Proposes Increase to 80 MPH

Some lawmakers are backing a bill to up our interstate speed limits to 80 miles per hour. Our Malique Rankin explains what this bill could mean for drivers. House Bill 1264 is proposing to change the speed limit of multilane highways from 70 to 75. For interstates, increasing from 75 to 80.

The bill has highway patrol officers concerned.

Wade Kadrmas; HP Safety Edu Officer: “Statistics will show that speed is one of the leading causes of serious injury crashes.”

Representative Jake Blum took a look at a different set of stats.

Rep. Jake Blum; (R) Grand Forks: “I’ve looked at other states: Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, South Dakota right here. Texas even has portions of its interstate at 85 MPH. And the imperial data supports that there hasn’t been an increase in fatality or unsafe conditions.”