North Dakota bill (SB 2061)explores charging fee for electrical and hybrid cars

A senate bill is being proposed to make sure everyone is paying their fair share for using the roads, and some drivers have an issue with how it will impact them.

Brian Kopp of Dickinson, ND drives a Tesla Model 3, and he said his electric car saves him about four times the amount of money he would pay per mile for gas, if he drove a regular car.

“You plug it in every night, and thats a lot cheaper per mile, because an electric car is a lot more efficient, ” said Kopp.

When Kopp fills up his car, instead of looking at a gas gauge he looks at a battery charger like you would see on a laptop or phone, and instead of having a gas tank he has a battery port

He said he can get 300 miles when his battery is fully charged, and it adds about $20 on to his electrical bill every month, compared to the hundred or so dollars he would pay every month at the gas pump.

However, Kopp and other electrical car drivers may soon feel a pinch in their fuel cost savings, because there is a bill in the state legislature aimed at creating an annual fee for electric and hybrid cars, which Kopp is in support of.

“We need to pay our fair share, because we use the roads too”.