None Of San Francisco’s Red-Light Cameras Are Functional Right Now

The cameras that are supposed to snap your car’s photo and send you a ticket if you run a red light in San Francisco haven’t been functional for months, as the former, deteriorating camera system was shut off ahead of a planned replacement.

As KCBS reports, the entire network of 20 intersections where the cameras operate was shut off by the SFMTA back in January. Plans have been in the works for several years to replace the antiquated Kodak machines that monitored the intersections, but they were increasingly shutting down in the rain and requiring extensive repairs — not to mention the city needed to overhaul the entire network with a more modern, digital camera system. A study to complete that process that also looked at which intersections are now most prone to collisions was completed in November 2018, and the new system is set to start being installed soon.