New York Governor Cuomo Announces Doubling of Speed Cameras in his budget

Governor Cuomo said he would reinstate the speed camera program in New York City — and double the number of cameras — in his budget to be released on Tuesday.

From the governor’s just-issued press release:

Speed cameras have proven to be effective at reducing car crashes and increasing survivability rates in school zones, but in 2018 the Republican-led Senate blocked passage of legislation that would allow the program to continue. In response, Governor Cuomo declared a State of Emergency to temporarily reinstate the program. The Governor’s new budget proposal would reinstate and expand the program through statute and expand the number of impacted school zones from 140 to 290.

“There is indisputable evidence that speed cameras save lives, and as public servants we must use every available tool to protect our children,” Cuomo said, blasting the then-GOP controlled State Senate for failing to re-authorize the speed cameras last year and allowing the cameras to go dark.

Cuomo then used his emergency powers to turn the speed cameras back on.

The number of speed cameras — 290 — is the same number that appeared in the bill that the Senate rejected last year. It is far lower than the number that activists originally sought.