New York: Gloversville Police Chief delivers statistical report–a 109% increase in traffic stops for Q4 2018

Police Chief Marc Porter delivered the department’s 2018 fourth quarter statistical report to the Common Council on Thursday that showed increases in police activity in most areas over the same period in 2017.

The report covering the fourth quarter of 2018 from October through December showed 6,200 calls for service, a 35 percent increase over the 4,572 calls over the same months in 2017. Total arrests came in at 455 for the period, a 16 percent increase over the previous year’s 390.

The most reported calls for service were for domestic incidents with 267 calls, disorderly conduct with 258 and to assist a person with 253.

Traffic stops for the quarter totalled 1,047, a 109 percent increase over the 500 stops conducted during the same period in 2017; traffic tickets totalled 484, a 48 percent increase over the 420 issued in 2017; parking tickets issued totaled 712, a 131 percent increase from the 307 issued in 2017; and premises, property and school safety checks totalled 2,135, a 65 percent increase over the 1,289 checks conducted in 2017.