New York City: Report on Failure to Yield (Vision Zero Watch)

“Our eyes are to zero,” said Thomas DeVito, director of organizing for Transportation Alternatives, the nonprofit advocacy group that had pushed DeBlasio to adopt much of its wish list for street safety. “We have a very high standard and a high expectation, because we know that ultimately if the political will were there, we would be able to do it.”

Vision Zero aims to eliminate pedestrian deaths by overhauling roads and intersections, by educating the public, and by enforcing traffic laws.  Report cards issued in the past two years by Transportation Alternatives gave the mayor, the Taxi & Limousine Commission and the city transportation department generally solid scores for progress in their roles.

The last leg of the stool — enforcement of traffic laws — is the weakest, according to the report card. That’s apparent to anyone who’s seen long queues of cars use a bicycle lane for parking, or has watched drivers blast through lights that had clearly turned red, or witnessed pedestrians dodge aggressive drivers.