New York City Neighbors unite for a street fight

Spuyten Duyvil has a new group seeking to change things in the neighborhood.

The Coalition to Save the Neighborhood had its second meeting Nov. 9, discussing the newest project by the city’s transportation department at the intersection of Palisade Avenue and Kappock Street.

Completed in October, the project consists of two large curb extensions on the corners of Palisade and Kappock, intended to shorten crossing distances for pedestrians, improve their visibility, and slow passing and turning cars as part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision Zero initiative. The project also added high-visibility crosswalks.

Neighbors decried the changes, however, claiming the new extensions made the street too narrow, especially on the south side of Kappock, and that it was difficult for cars and trucks to pass. Residents of 2727 Palisade Ave., which sits directly at the end of Kappock, say the newly narrowed street makes it too difficult to turn out of their driveway safely.