New York City Ignores $300K Per Year in Fines to Delivery Truckers in Bike Lanes

FedEx in going to be in your bike lane a lot this holiday season — and taxpayers are still paying hundreds of thousands to deal with it.

The city has lost out on more than a half-million dollars in summons revenue from delivery trucks parked in bike lanes in just the last two years alone, thanks to a controversial city program that reduces fines for companies that agree to not fight tickets in court.

The scheme, called the Stipulated Fine Program, saved the 10 biggest delivery companies $23 million overall last year in dramatically reduced or completely eliminated fines for such violations as double-parking, blocking an intersection, or overstaying an expired meter, Streetsblog previously reported.

But new information just released under a Freedom of Information Law request shows how much money the city is willing to abandon strictly on bike lane violations.