New SmartLane on I-670 cuts afternoon commute time in half in Columbus, OH area

ODOT opens the SmartLane when average speeds on some portions of I-670 dip below 45 mph, which generally has been happening on weekdays from 3:45 to 6:45 p.m. ODOT uses dozens of new cameras and sensors to keep tabs on traffic leading up to rush hour from its traffic management center, changing the red X on overhead digital signs to a green arrow when the lane opens.

That happened for the first time just days after ODOT opened new ramps at the interchange with I-270. The SmartLane and interchange project cost about $61 million.

Together, those two improvements have significantly reduced commute times on I-670. They also have made it easier to plan because the travel time is more reliable, said Breanna Badanes, an ODOT spokeswoman.