New Orleans, Louisiana Editorial: School Zones Turned Into Speed Traps Under Mayor Cantrell Administration

Two months ago, Mayor LaToya Cantrell proudly deactivated 20 red light cameras outside New Orleans school zones.

In the meantime, cameras inside school zones were quietly turned into speed traps.

Without any warning to New Orleans residents, the previously allowed 5 mph cushion in ticketing from school zone traffic cameras has been removed. The information only came to light when people began taking to social media to complain. The posts originally came to light in the Irish Channel neighborhood Facebook group, where New Orleans resident Sean McCloskey posted a photo of a $75 ticket he received for driving 24 mph in a 20 mph school zone. Several other residents then commented that they, too, had received tickets, in spite of being under 26 mph.

It’s an interesting move for a Mayor who once said that traffic cameras were nothing more than a way to “nickel and dime” the people while boosting the city’s budget. “As your mayor, I will suspend the use of the cameras until it can be proven that they actually work as intended.”