New Orleans knew it could make millions before passing school zone speed changes

Many New Orleanians would agree that it’s important to enforce school zone speed limits in order to keep children safe. But we now know before the city changed its ticketing threshold, they knew they’d stand to make millions.

In the past, you’d receive a minimum $75 ticket if you were caught on camera going 26 miles an hour or more in a school zone, which in New Orleans are 20 mile per hour zones during certain hours of the morning and afternoon.

However, in February, the city lowered the ticketing threshold to any cars traveling 24 miles per hour or above. Before the city made the decision, it ordered a study to determine just how much money it could make. The study found a 2 mph difference could generate anywhere from $5.7 to $7.5 million dollars in additional revenue per year, on top of the $23 million the city already receives from speed cameras annually.