New Jersey Committee Approves Package of Bills(A4970, A3442, A4969 and AR222) to Reform Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws

Today, the New Jersey Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee voted to approve a package of bills (A4970, A3442, A4969 and AR222) that will reform New Jersey’s civil asset forfeiture laws. Civil asset forfeiture laws allow the government to seize cash, cars, real estate or other property suspected of being connected to criminal activity, regardless of whether the person is convicted, or in some cases, even if charges are never filed against the property owner.

“We’re thrilled by today’s vote in support of civil asset forfeiture law reforms that will better protect New Jersey residents. Civil asset forfeiture – also known as “policing for profit” – laws have long been in need of change. Most notably, today’s vote will advance legislation that will mandate transparent reporting requirements and enhance protections for property owners during asset forfeiture proceedings.”