New case challenges Toledo camera program in the OH Supreme Court

If you live in Toledo, chances are you or someone you know has received a traffic ticket in the mail along with a $120 fine for getting caught speeding on camera.

Susan D. Magsig, of Woodville, recently received such a citation after authorities contend a camera held by a police officer clocked her vehicle traveling 75 mph through a 60 mph zone on westbound I-475  near Toledo ProMedica Hospital on Aug. 19.

But rather than paying the ticket, Ms. Magsig is taking her case to the Ohio Supreme Court, and her Perrysburg attorney argues that a court ruling in her favor could kill the city’s automated camera ordinance.

The issue at stake is wrapped up in a traffic camera fight between the city and the state of Ohio. Ms. Magsig isn’t going before the state’s highest court to argue whether or not she was speeding. She’s challenging the process by which she can appeal the ticket.