New bills (SB1073-1078 and 1080/SJR45) aim to find funding to overhaul I-35 in Austin, Texas

The first three aim to find funding for I-35. In late 2017, TxDOT decided to steer away from toll roads in future projects after calls from lawmakers to end tolls.

That ended plans for express lanes on I-35 which some said put plans to also bury the interstate in limbo.

Watson filed SB 1073 to allow the state to use two debt instruments: the Texas Mobility Fund and State Highway Fund bonding authority. That way the state can go in debt to pay for the project. In this case managed lanes would be non-tolled, according to a press release.

Two others, SB 1074 and 1075, would allow the state to work with the private sector to find funding. Those bills would require tolled elements.