Nevada DOT pilot testing radar-based wrong-way driver detection system

The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) has begun testing and activating new wrong-way driver detection systems on U.S. 395 as one of a handful of states trying out the technology to stop such crashes, which tend to have higher fatality rates than other crashes.

NDOT currently places “Wrong Way” signs on all freeway ramps to notify drivers errantly entering in the wrong direction.

Now, in its pilot program, NDOT has installed additional flashing warning signals and detection systems on 20 U.S. 395 ramps in the North Valleys. The system uses radar and closed-circuit cameras to automatically detect vehicles entering in the wrong direction, activating two sets of red flashing wrong-way signs on the ramp.

“As a highly-visible additional indication to stop drivers from entering the wrong way, the first set of signs stands four feet high instead of the standard seven-foot sign height to more readily reach the lower eye level of sleepy or impaired drivers,” the department says in a press release.