Move Seattle relaunch: After a year of study, SDOT has new plan to deliver $930 million levy

You’re getting the new sidewalks that were promised. And the safety improvements in school zones, along with bridge repairs, seismic retrofits and spot fixes to help trucks and freight move through the city.

But you’re not getting all the miles of repaved streets that were listed in the Move Seattle levy. And instead of seven new RapidRide bus lines, three, maybe four, will be built, with lesser improvements to the other promised lines. And as for ever-contentious bike lanes? Maybe half the miles that were promised are now expected, although it’s still not clear where.

After nearly a year of studying, soliciting advice and rejiggering, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has a new plan for its $930 million levy — the largest in city history — which promised more than it could deliver before voters approved it in 2015.