Motorists beware: Legislature eyes red-light cameras for Nevada

If you play fast and loose with red lights, a bill in the Nevada Legislature might give you some pause.

Nevada may be the newest state to allow the use of cameras to help catch vehicles that run red lights, if a bill currently going through the committee process ultimately is signed into law.

Senate Bill 43 would allow local governments to install red light cameras under certain circumstances. Currently, Nevada law only allows traffic enforcement using cameras that are handheld or installed in a vehicle. So if you blow by a cop doing 30 over the speed limit, a dash cam footage is good for evidence.

Allowing red light cameras is a move that has received mixed responses in other states. Twenty-two states and the District of Columbia allow the devices in some fashion.

Whether these cameras help cut traffic accidents is up in the air. One paper claimed that the cameras did nothing to cut accidents, and a study done by the Chicago Tribune found that while crash rates had dropped in areas of Chicago, there wasn’t enough data to determine whether cameras should get the credit. The same study also found that some intersections in which cameras were installed saw an increase in crashes.