Morgan County, IL Sheriff’s Office, Jacksonville PD Sued Over Traffic Stop

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Jacksonville have been sued by a California man for a civil rights violation in the U.S. Court for the Central District of Illinois.

Meyer says his client’s case is something that he’s seen all over the state as a problem with drug interdiction officers: “There is a very big financial incentive for these officers to do what they have been doing – pushing the boundaries of the Fourth Amendment and in many cases crossing the threshold of Fourth Amendment violations in the pursuit of drugs. In my thought, it’s all about asset forfeiture and civil forfeiture. I think it’s an easy target and I think that discovery [in this case] is going to bare out that there is going to be a much higher percentage of people with California and Oregon license plates that are pulled over for minor or for not even traffic tickets that are initially asked if they would consent to a search, and when the people exercise their Constitutional rights, they are detained. A dog comes and the dog alerts and then they search the vehicle.”