More than 5,400 controversial speed camera citations issued in Franklin Township near Columbus, Ohio

By now, maybe even you, have received one in the mail.

A speeding citation, courtesy of the Franklin Township Police Department.

Last November, the department began using those controversial hand-held speed cameras to catch speeders, instead of an officer writing you the ticket in person.

The device clocks your speed, snaps a picture of your license plate, and a third-party vendor mails you the citation.

To date, the township has issued in the ballpark of 5,483 citations, according to Chief Byron Smith.

Each citation carries a $100 fine plus late fees.

Smith said less than half of the citations issued have been paid.

The company that provides the township with the two-speed cameras mails out the citations, handles the bills and gets 37 percent of the citation revenue, said Smith.

Even though less than half of the citations have been paid, Smith said the township has earned $130,537.26.

That money has been dispersed to police, roads, community projects, and a scholarship fund for Franklin Heights, Smith said.