More than $3.5 Billion in Toll Money Being Shifted to NJ Transit (NMA Mention)

Steve Carrellas, director of government and public affairs for the New Jersey chapter of the National Motorists Association, said “highways are needed, even more than ever” and that the authority should put its own needs and the interests of bondholders ahead of subsidizing NJ Transit.

“The authority is better off preparing itself to better service vehicular travel while also keeping in mind that future commuting habits will be significantly different for the remainder of the pandemic and after,” Carrellas said.

Carrellas scoffed at the idea that expanding financial support for mass transit would lead to a reduction of cars on the road.

“That tired old trope has been foisted on the public for decades, and it’s seldom if ever true,” he said. “And with the pandemic forever changing our world, you can’t count on transit rebounding any time soon and reaching pre-pandemic ridership levels.”