More bike lanes, reduced speed limits on horizon in Cambridge, MA (Vision Zero Watch)

Vice Mayor Jan Devereux is not completely happy with Cambridge’s bikeability and wants to see reduced speed limits in more parts of the city. At least one cyclists group hopes to see more construction for separated bike lanes and at a faster pace.

Devereux said at a recent Transportation and Public Utilities Committee meeting that Cambridge is not yet aligned with Vision Zero, an initiative Cambridge adopted in March 2016 to eliminate traffic fatalities and injuries.

“The most recent fatality is yet another wake-up call that this is a public health issue as well as a huge transportation issue,” Devereux said, referencing the Nov. 9 death of a 24-year-old cyclist. “But, we are making good progress on a vision we already have.”

Devereux said she would like to see reduced speed limits in more than just the five squares. The city-wide speed limit is 25 mph, but in those areas it is 20 mph. She would also like to see traffic calming measures, repaving of existing bike lanes, and more digital displays of speed limits.

Transportation Program Manager Cara Seiderman spoke about what she and her team are doing to inch closer to the goals outlined in Vision Zero.