Montgomery County, MD Plans on Doubling Number of Traffic Cameras

Beginning as early as 2021, drivers speeding through Montgomery County might fall victim to newly added speed and red-light cameras, as the county plans to double the number in use.

At an Oct. 29 Public Safety Committee meeting, Assistant Chief Tom Didone of the Montgomery County Department of Police told County Council members that the department is in the process of adding additional cameras, which he says has taken them a while to do. “The procurement for a new automated system is two years. This is my third contract. We can’t get these things done in any shorter time.”

The plan to add additional cameras was implemented prior to the pandemic. However, Richard Hetherington, who leads the department’s Automated Traffic Enforcement program, says the pandemic allowed for cars to speed up, with the department catching some people traveling 80 mph and higher on local roadways. “Those are fatalities waiting to happen,” Hetherington says.