Mobility report shows bike trips on the decline in San Francisco (Vision Zero Watch)

San Franciscans may be spurning two-wheeled trips.

Nearly 20,000 fewer daily bicycle trips were taken in 2017 compared to 2016, data revealed Monday by The City’s newest “Mobility Trends” report shows.

The dwindling bike numbers look even worse when compared to The City’s record-setting year for bike trips, 2015, which reached a height of 126,000 average bicycle trips per day.

By 2016 those average daily trips dropped to 115,000, then down to 95,000 by 2017.

But those numbers may be a bit muddied, bike advocates warn, as the count doesn’t include commutes over multiple modes of transit, like a bike trip to a Muni bus, or a bike trip to a Caltrain ride. The report only counts trips where a bike was the sole mode of transportation.

At the same time, bicycle use in areas where The City built protected bike lanes is booming, according to city data.

“It only underscores the need to build protected bike lanes and make Vision Zero improvements across The City,” said Brian Wiedenmeier, executive director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. Vision Zero is The City’s stated mandate to reduce traffic deaths to zero by 2024.

Even gentrification may play a role in bicycle commutes dropping, Wiedenmeier said.