Missouri lawmakers attempting to implement texting and driving ban (SB 15)

Missouri lawmakers are searching for a way to implement a ban on texting while driving.

Missouri has a ban against texting while driving for those under the age of 21 and bus operators. Texting while driving, although discouraged, is legal for drivers over the age of 21.

Missouri has seen a major move toward safer driving in 2019. In January alone, two bills have been introduced into the Missouri General Assembly to ban texting while driving.

Sen. Wayne Wallingford, R-Mo., submitted Senate Bill 15 to the Missouri Senate, which was read by the Senate Jan. 9 and read again Jan. 17. In addition, Rep. Greg Razer submitted House Bill 211 to the Missouri House of Representatives, which has also received multiple readings. The bills paralleled each other, having similar punishments and fines for texting while driving, no matter the age.