Minnesota DOT: Covered Signs Along Highway 41 Part Of Speed Study

Over the past couple of weeks, things have looked a little different along Highway 41. Between Hundertmark Road and Pioneer Trail, the speed limit signs are black, white and green all over.

If you take a close look, it does seem a little off, but this is actually a pretty common sight.

“We wanted to make sure that those signs didn’t influence the speeds traveled,” said Kaare Festvog, with MnDOT.

This is one of dozens of MnDOT speed studies done every year on new or reconstructed roads or when there is a speed-related safety concern.

A main artery through Chaska, Highway 41 underwent a transformation last year, going from a two-lane to a four-lane highway, which is why this study is necessary.

Now before you get any whacky ideas, just because the sign is covered up doesn’t mean there’s not a speed limit.

The speed limit is currently 50 mph, which is consistent with the speed limit both north and south of this stretch of road.

After the magnetic signs are up, technicians will go out to the area with a laser or a radar to gauge how fast or slow people are driving.

“It is possible after a speed study that speed limits would go up,” Festvog said.

Limits could also go down or stay the same. The reason behind the study is safety