Omaha, Nebraska man asked to pay traffic ticket after two decades, claims he was never cited

After nearly 25 years, an unpaid traffic ticket is haunting a metro driver.

As a roadie for a band 23 years ago, Wood said he wouldn’t have jeopardized his driver’s license.While Ken Wood can’t remember the violation, the Iowa court system won’t forget it.

“If I had got a ticket I absolutely would have paid it,” he said.

A collections attorney for the Pottawattamie County District Court sent Wood a notice that he owes $67.50 for failure to obey a traffic control device in October of 1996.

“I don’t ever remember getting pulled over in Pottawattamie county ever. Ever,” Wood said.

There’s also nothing in the court record to detail where or how he failed to obey a traffic control device.

Wood believes the Iowa court collections contractor should provide more proof.