Missouri: Meet The Master Of Asset Forfeiture, A Phelps County Sergeant

Sgt. Carmelo Crivello of the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department is a legend on the stretch of Highway 44 near Rolla, Missouri.

Some call him the “Sicilian” because of his family heritage. Others call him the “Puerto Rican,” because he speaks Spanish. To his fellow officers, he is the reason they drive new patrol cars, have state-of-the-art equipment and don’t have to buy their own holsters.

For more than two decades, Crivello has policed Interstate-44 looking for drug smugglers. He is a member of Group 33, a federal drug task force that includes most of the St. Louis area. Last year, federal Drug Enforcement Administration Supervisor Tiras Cunningham presented him with the Excellence in Investigative Effort award.